Headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, Valenti Builders serves all major sectors of the construction industry. Our projects reflect the signature Valenti approach: a team effort that creates a system for success, and a quality commitment that extends from project planning to completion.



Is at the heart of every Valenti project. Professionals work together in a collaborative manner. With a synergy of combined leadership, team members share ideas, develop goals, and monitor performance in an atmosphere of enhanced communication and collaboration. As one client remarked, “Sometimes it’s hard to tell where Valenti ends and we begin.” Our team approach saves time and money, and moves us closer to the final goal of total customer satisfaction. A Valenti principal is part of every team, reflecting our total commitment to project success.


Is a way of life at Valenti. Our unique Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program puts our quality commitment into action. It’s based on the belief that there is no greater economy than doing it right the first time. This powerful program extends into every project activity. Subcontractor work sessions define and explore quality goals. Subcontractors endorse those goals in written project agreements. Supervisors, superintendents, and foremen meet regularly to assess quality performance and prepare in-progress punchlists. Our definition of quality includes successful schedule management, a safe job site, and a positive work experience for our people and our collaborators.

Q6 Program PDFClick here to download the Valenti Quality Program PDF.